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Legend City A New Musical

About Shawn Ramagos


Shawn Ramagos is a Producer for Emerald Bayou Studios and the CEO of Impact Media World. Possessing an extensive background in several areas of the entertainment industry, he started his career with Walt Disney Entertainment in Orlando, Florida as a technician for live show events and parades.  Shawn was honored to be selected as an opening crew member at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park working as a lead lighting technician. He later worked for Universal Studios as a technician and eventually became a Technical Director for three other theatrical companies.


In his theatrical career he held the positions of lighting designer, set designer, director, producer, concert manager, audio engineer, video engineer, and production stage manager. Shawn has been involved in the creation of over 50 shows and has performed in over 30 productions. He was awarded 3 best leading actor of the year awards, one in a comedy and two in dramas in the same season at various theaters. As a director, he won best show of the year 5 different times.


Shawn has also acted in film and television projects and commercials.   In this industry he is proficient in set operations having held positions in the following departments: camera, audio, makeup, transportation, special effects, lighting, editing, writing, directing, and producing. He has also worked as a special effects makeup artist for the Discovery Channel, HK Pictures, and Howl-0-Scream at Busch Gardens/ Williamsburg. At Busch Gardens he was the Senior Production Supervisor for Concerts and Events. 


Thrilled that it can be staged in his home state of Louisiana, Shawn is excited to produce and direct this brand new musical production.

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